Skywind Envision Trailer released

Skywind Envision Trailer released

Skywind Envision Trailer released


The developers of Skywind, a modding project that is remaking The Elder Scrolls Morrowind within Skyrim’s engine, as released their new Envision trailer, highlighting the recent additions to the project. 

Right now this project is still in the pre-alpha stage, but it has certainly undergone a great deal of progression since the project’s beginning, recently adding a lot of new assets, greatly improving the detail and visual fidelity of the coastal landscapes, giving voices and dialogue to the many NPCs and differentiating the different areas of Morrowind in a very lore friendly way. 


    An inside look at the latest Skywind developer alpha for February 2016. All footage shown here has been implemented into the game since around December. As always, this is early footage and everything is subject to change. This video shows a tiny fraction of what we have been working on, and is a just a taste of what is to come.



Right now this project is in alpha and is unavailable to download, but in order to play the mod on release you will be required to own both Morrowind and Skyrim, as the game makes use of the existing game files and some assets. 

While earlier versions of the mod were available to download the modding team has now decided to keep their work internal so that the future users of the mod will not only have a fully playable title but be able to experience Skywind as the developers intended.  

In the future there are also plans on converting Oblivion over to the Skyrim Engine, but this will likely be after the completion of Skywind, given how fewer developers are currently dedicated to the task. 


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