Tales of Symphonia FPS and resolution fix released

Tales of Symphonia FPS and resolution fix released

Tales of Symphonia FPS and resolution fix released


When it comes to porting older titles to the PC platform PC gamers often get a product which is not only sub-par but downright disgraceful when it comes to performance and locked down game options. 

Bandai Namco’s recent PC release of Tales of Symphonia is the most recent port which has lest PC gamers less than amused, locking the framerate of the title to a mere 30 FPS and limiting the resolution of the game to 720p and merely stretching the image to higher resolutions for those with higher resolution displays. 

Having a game locked down like this is something that is always going to annoy PC gamers, but in this case it is simply disgraceful considering the fact that the original GameCube version of the game was able to run at 60FPS. 

Thankfully now fans of Tales of Symphonia can now get around these ridiculous resolution and FPS locks by using a tool called GeDoSaTo, which allows gamers to set their desired resolution and framerate for the title. 

  Tales of Symphonia FPS and resolution fix released  

The developer of this tool, Peter “Durante” Thoman, has created tools that have fixed a large number issues which have plaged the PC ports of many Steam released titles, such as Dark Souls, Tales of Zestiria and more. 

The fix he has introduced for the FPS and resolution lock he calls “preliminary”, saying that the tool took him less than 3 hours to make. He also says that the issues with this game make “No technical sense” and “No sense from the point of view of the customers”.


   Note that when I say “preliminary” I mean with a total development and testing time of less than 3 hours. So if you run into issues, keep that in mind. (Of course, if you get crashes, or the game failing to launch, or anything like that, it might just as well be the game or its DRM system rather than GeDoSaTo)


When it comes to releasing older titles on PC the one thing we usually hope for is that the game will run stably and not be hampered by resolution or FPS locks. The one thing that needs to be taken away from this is that if they release a stable PC version of a title without any major issues or resolution/FPS locks that the PC community will embrace the title and be more likely to purchase it.

The recent release of Dragon’s Dogma on PC is evidence that a solid PC port can and will sell very well, even when the console release was many years ago. Investment in a quality port will result in increased sales on PC, this is a simple fact, PC gamers expect a good quality PC release and many PC gamers will not play anything less. If developers spend the time and money creating a worthy PC re-release of an older title they will be rewarded for that effort with great sales to a thankful community.     


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