The Witcher 3 Heart of the Cards Mod Replaces Combat with Gwent

The Witcher 3 Heart of the Cards Mods Replaces Combat with Gwent

The Witcher 3 Heart of the Cards Mods Replaces Combat with Gwent


Have you ever wanted to decide the outcome of battle in a more gentlemanly way? Why swing your twin swords when you can defeat your enemies with the sharpness of your wit alone.   

The Witcher 3 new Hearts of Card Mod has now replaced all of the games combat with Gwent, allowing your fights to be decided by your mastery of Gwent and your well build deck rather than with your sword skills.  It’s time to duel!


      Gwent game is triggered by an enemy or the player taking damage. Enemy deck is fully randomized.

On win, all enemies within 30 units are killed. On loss, player dies.



Right now the mod works like in the above video, without the combat being sped up of-course.  The modder says that he plans on implementing a Card based economy and random card drops from enemies. 

Once an enemy takes damage a game of Gwent starts, where enemies will play with a random deck which scales in difficulty with the games difficulty. 



0.3 – Develop tiered loot table for cards. Scale drops based on total level of enemies in duel range. This should decouple this mod from relying on the normal Gwent progression system.
0.4 – Modify economy to be card focused. Potentially put “booster packs” in shops.
0.5 – Add special drops for significant bosses.
0.6 – Develop system to generate new cards/decks for a more smoothly scaled experience.



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