“There will be no blower reference fans” for next-gen Navi – AMD Confirms

“There will be no blower reference fans” for next-gen Navi – AMD Confirms

During their Financial Analyst Day, AMD revealed their CPU/GPU roadmaps until Zen 4 and RDNA 3 and discussed their upcoming RDNA 2 architecture in-depth.

Outside of the event, AMD’s Scott Herkelman took to Reddit and confirmed that AMD’s next-generation graphics cards wouldn’t feature blower fan reference designs for gamers. This makes it likely that the teased design above will become the basis for AMD’s future reference graphics card models. 

Below is exactly what AMD’s Scott Herkelman said;

There will be no blower reference fans for gamers on next gen. So you are correct 😉


Note that Herkelman has stated that these non-blower reference designs are “for gamers”. It is likely that AMD will also create reference-blower cooler designs for its future professional-grade graphics cards, as expelling heat outside of a PC enclosure remains a useful option for many end-users. 

Given AMD’s cooling teaser, it looks like AMD’s future reference gaming GPUs will utilise a design that’s similar to Nvidia’s RTX Founders Edition series, which features axial fans and a dense fin stack.  


With this change in strategy, AMD’s future reference design graphics cards should receive a more favourable reception from both gamers and reviewers. That said, blower-style fans will still be in demand for users of some compact cases and other niche use cases. 

While this change is a positive one for the majority of gamers, it will be a negative change for some end users. That said, AMD’s AIB partners still have the option to create blower-fan cooled GPU models if they desire. 

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