XFX Xtreme Xperience; Your Event Of The Year.

XFX Xtreme Xperience

Press Release

XFX not only provides you with cool graphics products, but also offers great service and outstanding quality. On top of that we are about to launch a new campaign with chances to win a great XFX Xtreme Xperience.

What is XtXp? The lucky winners will be invited to choose from different Xtreme Sports activities. They will also receive the coolest XFX Xtreme Xperience gear including an assignment to record their own Xtreme Xperience. All photo and/or video reports will be posted on the XtXp website and will enter another [open] Xtreme Xperience contest. The best reporter will be awarded with a very special Xtreme XFX prize.

How does XtXp work? How the actual campaign is going to work will be announced on kick-off day, so join us again at www.xfxxtremexperience.com coming Friday. Friday November 10th 14:00, the XFX Xtreme Xperience campaign will kick off. Don’t miss out on your biggest event of the year.

Keep on coming back to www.xfxxtremexperience.com as it will change day by day showing more and more interesting Xtreme stuff. XFX Xtreme Xperience, your event of the year…

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