Intel’s Nehalem Sneak Peak

News Posted 29/03/07
Author: PV5150
Source: VR-Zone

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We get a little sniff of what comes after Penryn as far as Intel are concerned. Bearing in mind that Penryn is purely a shrink/derivative of the 65nm Core microarchitecture to 45nm, Nehalem appears to be where it’s at.

Intel today revealed some details on their 45nm Nehalem processors but we will tell you more later about Nehalem-based desktop processors that is not discussed during the press briefing. Here’s what we understand from the briefing :  1. Nehalem is on native 45nm Hi-K and is on track for 2008 release
2. 4-issue Core Architecture
3. On-die memory controller (DDR3 supported)
4. CSI or P2P serial interconnects
5. Simultaneous multi-threading (we told you before about MTT)
6. Highly scalable architecture (1 core/2 threads to 8+ cores/16+ threads)
7. Optional Integrated Graphics (probably on multi-chip package)
8. Multi-level shared cache (probably L2 shared and L3 shared)

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Exciting times!

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