Oculus showcases “Advanced Hand Tracking” gloves

Oculus showcases

Oculus showcases “Advanced Hand Tracking” gloves

Earlier this year, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Oculus was working on VR gloves, a new input mechanism for VR gaming that could revolutionise the industry. 
Now a video showcasing this new tech has surfaced on Oculus’ YouTube channel, showing how accurately movements can be tracked with these gloves. That being said the unit shown is still a simple prototype, which has been shown previously to require a large number of cameras for accurate tracking. 
We’re working on new ways to bring your hands in virtual and augmented reality.
Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider Man. That’s what I’m doing here.


If this new technology works as shown it could revolutionise the VR industry, opening up the ability for VR to be used to create more accurate simulations than ever before by allowing users to use their hands to directly interact with virtual worlds. 

Oculus may be gearing up to officially showcase this technology at SIGGRAPH 2017, given the timing of this video’s leak.



For many years technology enthusiasts have dreamed about VR and the many possibilities that it provides, with so-called “haptic gloves” being the centrepieces of many fictional VR worlds like seen in Ready Player One and other novels. 

Outside of gaming, these gloves have a wide range of applications, from providing users with the ability to view and interact with a virtual office to giving medical students and surgeons the ability to use VR for highly interactive training simulations. 


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