The best mouse? ASUS reveals their ROG Harpe Ace Extreme Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

The most overkill mouse in existence? ASUS’ ROG Harpe Ace Extreme Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse is INSANE!

OC3D is at Computex 2024, and in case you weren’t aware, our big boss man himself Mr Tom Logan (Tiny Tom Logan) is a car guy. Add PC enthusiast and car enthusiast together and you get a person who LOVES carbon fiber. That makes ASUS’ new ROG Harpe Ace Extreme gaming mouse a product of interest.

Honestly, this is a product that must come from the dreams of mouse engineers. Someone at ASUS let their mouse people go mental with their R&D budget and this is the result of those efforts. A gaming mouse made from Carbon Fiber composite that weighs just 47 grams! Additionally, this mouse can run with a polling rate of 8,000 Hz.

This mouse is over-engineered and we LOVE IT

At Computex we got to see the carbon fiber mould that ASUS have used to create their new Harpe Ace Extreme mouse. We are told that it takes 45 minutes to lay out the mould and make the shell of a single mouse. That’s for an individual shell, and that means that this mouse is going to be expensive. Beyond that, the manufacturing process behind this mouse ensures that every mouse has a unique carbon fiber pattern, which means that no two Ace Extreme mice will be the same. This is a premium product in every sense.

Inside this mouse, ASUS have use a 42K DPI ROG AimPoint sensor, and ROG optical micro switches. Additionally, this mouse features ASUS’ ROG SuperNova wireless technology. Additionally, ASUS have created their “ROG Polling Rate Booster” to deliver lower latency wireless connections. Users can choose to use BlueTooth, USB, or SuperNova Wireless connections with this mouse.

Finally, the ROG Harpe Ace Extreme uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for its mouse feet. This ensures smooth movement and high levels of durability.

The ROG Harpe Ace Extreme launches in Q3

ASUS have told us to expect their new Ace Extreme mouse in Q3 2024. We have no word on pricing yet. However, we know that it won’t be cheap. This mouse has a lot of engineering behind it. Presently, its carbon fiber elements take a long time to create. This isn’t mass produced plastic, it’s artfully crafted. That craft has a cost.

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