Wooting’s Two Analog Gaming Keyboard smashes through Kickstarter goal

The Wooting Two Analog Gaming Keyboard has hit Kickstarter

Wooting’s Two Analog Gaming Keyboard smashes through Kickstarter goal

Wooting has confirmed that they have successfully funded the production of their second generation analog mechanical gaming keyboard, the Wooting Two, surpassing their €45,000 funding target in less than eight hours. 

In most regards, the Wooting Two is the same Wooting design that fans know and love, offering their unique analog features while providing users with a full-sized ten-key alongside several additional function keys.  

Those who want more information about the Wooting Two’s analog flaretech mechanical key switches can read more about it in our previous Wooting Two article. 

Thanks to recent firmware updates, Wooting has been able to reduce the response time of both the Wooting One and Two, while also adding the option to bind keystrokes to different actuation points on each key. For example, in Fortnite players can select a structure to build at 50% actuation, build a structure with full actuation and have the game switch back to your weapon when the key returns to its original state. 

The Wooting Two will offer the same functions as the One, providing four additional programmable keys, a numpad and a lowered height to reduce and sound from heavy typing. The keyboard will use the same Flaretech key Switches as the Wooting One with Linear55 “Red”, Clicky55 “Blue” and Linear85 “Black” varieties, with the Two also upgrading the keyboard from a Micro USB Cable to USB Type-C.


For gaming, analog input has one very obvious application; you can control your movement speed and turns with WASD in a similar to a joystick. Something that has been lacking in the PC gaming market until Wooting delivered their One keyboard.

Through Wooting’s Developer portal, developers can also work to add native Wooting support to their games and software, allowing gamers to take advantage of what analogue keys can offer without the need for custom key profiles. 


The Wooting Two is available from Kickstarter starting at €125 though please note that this does not include customs and shipping charges for EU customers. 

More information about the Wooting Two is available on Kickstarter. So far, Wooting has no stretch goals for their Wooting Two Kickstarter campaign. 

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