AMD & Intel Delay Full DDR3 Transition

AMD & Intel Delay Full DDR3 Transition

Originally, both Intel and AMD were planning to make DDR3-only CPU/motherboard combos their main platforms sometime this year.  However, it seems that both may delay this action until 2010, though for different reasons.

On Intel’s side of things, DDR3 prices have not fallen as much as they had believed they would.  In addition to this, due to the current economic climate, demand for their i7/X58 platform has not reached the levels they had hoped for.  Thus, the Lynnfield i5/P55 platform will be delayed from the original end of July release until September at the earliest, perhaps even later.

AMD issue is perhaps a bit more serious.  It seems that they are experiencing difficulties in achieving stability and compatibility with the built-in DDR3 memory controller of the AM3 CPUs.  Thus, AMD will be forced to delay their DDR3 transition until they develop a workable BIOS.

For some, this DDR3 transition delay may come as a relief considering the current ridiculously low prices of DDR2.  However, it’s never really a good thing when progress is impeded.

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