Micron denies reports that their Fab-2 has closed down after a “major malfunction”

Micron denies reports that their Fab-2 has closed down after a

Micron refutes reports that a major factory incident has decreased DRAM production

Over the past day or so a lot of false information has been circulating surrounding Micron’s Fab-2, which is said to produce around 5.5% of the world’s DRAM, with many websites reporting that production at this facility has stopped after a major incident contaminated both wafers and equipment at the facility.  

Today DRAM prices are higher than usual due to supply constraints, making any hit to worldwide production a bad thing for consumers, though thankfully reports from Micron themselves states that reports of this event have been exaggerated.  

Micron has now issued a statement that confirms that a small incident did take place at Fab-2, but that it was not a Nitrogen leak and that it was recovered from quickly without any material impact on production.  This means that reports of the event harming DRAM supply and causing an increase in DRAM pricing are simply false. 


Regarding recent rumours about Micron’s fabrication facility in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Micron hereby clarifies that there was no nitrogen leaking incident nor evacuating of personnel,

There was indeed a minor facility event but operations are recovering speedily without material impact to the business.


Micron denies reports that their Fab-2 has closed down after a   

DRAM is a commodity item, making its pricing subject to the forces of supply and demand. Today an increasingly large number of devices utilise large banks of DRAM, with even mobile phones utilising in excess of 4GB of system memory. These recent increases in demand have left the market supply constrained, increasing the cost of DRAM in recent months.


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