SK Hynix aren’t starting GDDR7 mass production until 2025

SK Hynix to start GDDR7 mass production in Q1 2025 at the earliest

At Computex 2024, SK Hynix were showcasing their new GDDR7 memory technology. At the show, the company revealed their plans to deliver GDDR7 memory speeds as high as 40 Gbps. Additionally, the company revealed plans to release 16Gb (2GB) and 24Gb (3GB) GDDR7 modules.

Based on a report from Aanandtech, it looks like SK Hynix will start mass producing their GDDR7 memory later than expected. The company is now due to start mass producing their GDDR7 memory modules in Q1 2025. This may place SK Hynix behind competitors like Samsung and Micron, who will likely start producing their new memory first.

According to company representatives at the show, the firm will not kick off mass production of their GDDR7 chips until the first quarter of 2025. – Anton Shilov – Anandtech

Nvidia are expected to use GDDR7 memory with most of their RTX 50 series products. This makes it possible that SK Hynix’s GDDR7 launch may impact Nvidia’s RTX 50 series release plans. After all, they need GDDR7 memory to produce their next-generation graphics cards.

Rumour has it that Nvidia will launch their RTX 5090 GPU with 28GB of 28 Gbps GDDR7 memory. While faster GDDR7 memory speeds are in the works, they aren’t expected to be available until later in GDDR7’s life cycle. After all, SK Hynix’s planned 40 Gbps GDDR7 memory is a whopping 42.8% faster than the 28 Gbps memory that’s reportedly being used on the RTX 5090.

You can join the discussion on SK Hynix’s GDDR7 memory plans on the OC3D Forums.

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