Team Group develops their first “Consumer-Grade” DDR5 memory modules

Team Group develops the first

Team Group develops their first “Consumer-Grade” DDR5 memory modules

2021 will mark the start of the DDR5 era, delivering to consumers faster memory which draws less power and delivers new features to the long-lived DDR memory standard.

Next year, Team Group plans to release ELITE series DDR5 modules, with their first batches delivering 16Gb modules with 4800MHz frequencies at 1.1v. These early batches are already in production, and modules have already been sent to motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte for validation. 

Completing this validation phase should confirm that the frequencies of standard DDR5 memory modules will surpass those of today’s overclocked DDR4 DIMMs, highlighting the leap that DDR5 delivers over today’s memory technology. 

With DDR5, baseline module operating voltages will drop from DDR4’s 1.2V to 1.1V, while frequencies will increase to 4,800+MHz. TEAMGROUP has plans to launch ELITE series 16GB DDR5 modules with 4,800MHz to 5,200MHz speeds, delivering significant frequency increased over today’s DDR4 modules while consuming around 10% less power. 

In addition to increased power efficiency and boosted frequencies, DDR5 offers on-die Error Correction Code (ECC) without the need for additional DRAM chips. This makes DDR5 memory less prone to errors than DDR4, and bring ECC support to mainstream DDR memory modules.

On top of these improvements, DDR5 memory also features support for “Same bank Refresh”, which allows memory banks to be refreshed independently. With DDR4, all 16 banks need to be refreshed at once, leaving CPUs to wait for refresh to complete before accessing the memory. With DDR5, CPUs will not need to wait for refresh cycles to complete before accessing DRAM, as only the refreshing bank will be inaccessible during refresh actions. This change enables increased performance per clock cycle and reduced the effective latency of DDR5 DRAM. 

According to Micron, DDR5 memory can offer users a 1.36x performance while using the same 3200MHz clock speeds as DDR4. This highlights how the upgrade to DDR5 is more significant than many expect. DDR5 offers more than a mere clock speed increase and efficiency bump.  

In 2021, TEAMGROUP will be ready with DDR5 memory offerings, with plans to launch modules as early as Q3 2021. TEAMGROUP will co-ordinate their DDR5 launch with Intel and AMD to ensure that DDR5 memory is available to consumers at the correct time. 

Team Group develops the first   

DDR5 memory promises to e faster, less power-intensive and more reliable than DDR4 memory. This shift will make DDR5 a vital part of next-generation CPUs and motherboard platforms, as faster memory can accelerate supported systems in a number of ways. 

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