AMD confirms that they will be holding a Computex 2017 Press Conference

AMD confirms that they will be holding a Computex 2017 Press Conference

AMD confirms that they will be holding a Computex 2017 Press Conference


AMD has confirmed that they will be holding a Computex 2017 Press Conference on May 31st, with plans to showcase high-performance AMD products for PCs, immersive devices (gaming) and datacenters, 

At this event, AMD will be showcasing Ryzen-based products, their new EPYC server parts as well as new Radeon technologies. Raja Koduri, the head of the Radeon Technologies Group, has already confirmed that the gaming oriented RX Vega will be present at Computex, though at this time it is unknown if this new GPU will be shown at AMD’s keynote.  

This event will take place between 10 am and 11 am in Taipei, which is around 3 am to 4 am here in the UK. This means that we will have to stay up late to cover this event. 


At COMPUTEX 2017, AMD would like to invite you to our press conference, starting at 10 a.m., May 31st at The Westin Taipei, to hear AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, and other senior AMD business leaders, share information on the latest set of high-performance AMD products and technologies for PCs, immersive devices and datacenters.

The past year has seen AMD bring innovation and competition back to the high-performance desktop market with the release of Ryzen processors, as well as further strengthening its consumer and professional graphics offerings, with the introduction of the Radeon RX 500 series GPUs, designed to enable optimal experiences in modern games and smooth VR experienced. With so much more planned for 2017, we look forward to sharing new details concerning the AMD line-up of 2017 world-class products, designed to deliver immersive experiences and high-performance innovation, as well as the ecosystems, both OEM and channel, that will support them.


At this press conference, AMD is also said to be providing new info on their 2017 products. This means that Vega will likely make an appearance at this event as well as some information on the companies upcoming Ryzen Mobile series of APUs and notebooks. 


AMD to hold a Computex 2017 Press conference


EPYC and Vega will be a great product combination in AMD’s upcoming 2017 product lineup, with AMD offering server-grade CPUs with vastly more PCIe lanes than their competition to create large GPU focuses server/compute clusters. 

AMD’s new Vega GPUs will also be able to utilise external memory to great effect, which works well with Naples’ 8-channel memory solutions to allow AMD-based servers to work with huge datasets.   

With Naples, AMD is set to take back their position in the server space, securing additional revenue for the company in this high-margin market and bring them back into competition with Intel in the enterprise CPU marketspace.  


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