Bambu Lab delivers exceptional value with their new A1 3D Printer

Bambu Lab launches their new A1 3D printer, delivering cost-effective multi-colour printing

After a little teasing, Bambu Lab have officially launched their new A1 3D printer. This new bed-slinging 3D printer is the bigger brother of the A1 Mini, and arrives as Bambu Lab’s answer to the Prusa MK4.

With a bed size of 256 x 256 x 256mm, the A1 features a larger build area than the Prusa MK4, and with a price tag of £369.00, it is much cheaper too. With the A1 features like automatic calibration, active-flow rate compensation and easy-swap nozzles are baseline features. If you want multi-colour printing, the A1 also ships with a A1 Combo option for £509 that comes with an AMS Lite multi-material accessory.

A neat feature of the A1 is its included camera, which can be used to create time lapses for your 3D printing sessions. The printer also features a filament run-out sensor, power loss recovery and can detect filament tangles.

What Bambu Lab are offering with their new A1 3D printer is value. At £369 Bambu has set an incredibly low price for their newest 3D printer. Bambu Lab have proven with their A1 Mini that they can create great bed-slinging 3D printers. So far reviews for the new A1 appear to be positive. That said we have not had the opportunity to test this printer for ourselves.

Should the Bambu Lab A1 worry other 3D printer brands?

What Bambu Lab are offering here is a bed-slinging 3D printer that is larger than Prusa’s MK4 and much cheaper. It can even ship with multi-material support with a much lower asking price than Prusa’s MK4 3D printer kits, which users need to build themselves. This 3D printer also has the potential to steal significant market share for other cheaper 3D printer brands, like Creality and Anycubic.

Bambu Lab’s new A1 3D printer is now available to purchase through the company’s website.

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