Bambu Lab delivers quieter 3D printing with new X1 series firmware

Bambu Lab’s latest firmware gives their X1 series 3D printers several feature upgrades

Bambu Lab have released a new firmware update for their X1 series of 3D printers to deliver a number of major improvements to the series. For starters, Motor Noise Cancelling has been added to the X1 series, enabling quieter 3D printing with the potential for less VFA (Vertical Fine Artifacts) on 3D printed objects. Beyond Bambu Lab has improved the UI of their printer and made its menus more responsive.

When combined with improvements to Bambu Studio, the X1 series now features enhanced support for 3rd party filaments. This is great news for 3D printer users who do not purchase their filaments from Bambu Lab directly. Different filaments have different properties. That often means that different filament brands have different optimal slicer settings for 3D printing.

Motor Noise Cancelling is the headline feature of Bambu Lab X1 series’ new firmware update. After updating your printer’s firmware, users can enter the printer’s control utilities menu and its calibration section. From here, users can calibrate the printer’s motor noise. The calibration process will take around 10 minutes, but after the process is complete, X1 series 3D printers will operate at much quieter levels.

In the video below, Bambu Lab notes that their X1 3D printers can operate around 5-10 dB quieter. That’s a huge difference.

Bambu Lab has confirmed that an equivalent update is in the works for their P-series 3D printers. Expect motor noise cancelling to arrive on P-series 3D printers soon.

This month, Bambu Lab have been teasing a new 3D printer called the A1. This new 3D printer is a larger version of their A1 mini 3D printer that supports the company’s AMS lite multi-material tool.

You can join the discussion on the Bambu Lab X1 series receiving motor noise cancelling on the OC3D Forums.

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