Dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft reveals dual-screen Android phone called the Surface Duo

Dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone revealed by Microsoft

For years Microsoft had tried to compete with Android, and for years Microsoft failed to make a meaningful dent in the popularity of Google’s mobile OS. “If you can’t beat them, join them”, that seems to be the motto of today’s Microsoft; having just announced their new Surface Duo smartphone as a surprise addition to their latest Surface event. 

Yes, that’s right. Microsoft is making an Android Smartphone, hoping to merge the best of Microsoft with the best of Android. Through this act, Microsoft is creating a mobile device which will offer the best of both worlds for mobile productivity. 

The Surface Duo is a dual-screened mobile phone which seemingly takes on the same niche as cutting-edge folding phone, albeit without a folding screen. Two separate screens w5.6-inch will fold out to create an 8.3-inch tablet. This makes Surface Duo a great place to handle Microsoft’s mobile Office software while also offering a compact form factor.   

Microsoft has partnered with Google to deliver support for all Android applications, though users should expect this product to feel like a Surface device. Sadly, detailed specifications for this mobile phone are unknown at this time, though it is expected to utilise a Qualcomm processor. Pricing for the device is also unknown at this time. 

The Surface Duo is due to release sometime in the Holiday 2020 timeframe, which means that the SOC which powers the device is unlikely to have been announced yet. Furthermore, this means that there is the potential for the device’s design to change considerably within the interim. 

Dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone revealed by Microsoft  
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