Intel becomes the latest company to back out of CES 2022

Intel becomes the latest company to back out of CES 2022

Tech giants are now avoiding CES 2022 like the plague

Intel has become the latest company to confirm that they will no longer be attending CES 2022, citing fears regarding the health and safety of their employees.

Intel has joined a growing list of companies that will be no longer be present at CES 2022, This list includes other leading technology companies like Waymo, Lenovo, T-Mobile, Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Amazon, and AT&T. All of these companies see COVID-19 as a major risk to their staff, especially when combined with the usual heath risks that are faced when interacting with such an insane volume of humans. There’s a reason why terms like “Con Flu” and “Con Fever” exist amongst convention goers.

Below is a statement that has been supplied by Intel regarding their exit from CES 2022’s physical event. 

   The health and safety of our employees, partners and customers is always a top priority, after consulting with health officials and in the spirit of Intel’s safety policy, our plans for CES will move to a digital-first, live experience, with minimal on-site staff.

We encourage you to join us as we deliver all our CES content and experiences virtually via the Intel Newsroom.

With COVID cases spiking across the US, it makes sense for companies to reconsider their attendance of the event. This is especially true for international visitors and exhibitors. 

Right now, CES 2022’s physical conference is still set to run from January 5th to January 8th. That said, if more high profile cancellations like this occur, the Consumer Technology Association, the group behind CES, may need to cancel the event. 

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Intel becomes the latest company to back out of CES 2022