Overclock3D is recruiting new reviewers!

News Posted 27/04/07
Author: James Napier
Source: Overclock3D

Overclock3D is Recruiting

Fancy getting your hands on the latest software and hardware as (or even before) it’s released? Got plenty of time and patience to produce top quality and honest reviews on products from some of the hottest manufacturers in the computer industry? Then this could well be the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams (and make us very happy in the process).

OC3D Is Recruiting

Overclock3D LTD is looking for a new hardware reviewer to its existing UK team and help us on our way to becoming the largest, most trusted review site in the UK and indeed around the globe. Interested? Well there are some prerequisites before spamming us with hundreds of e-mails:

• You must be based in the UK and be over 18yrs old.
• You need to have an excellent writing manner and be able to produce enthusiastic, grammatically correct pieces.
• You need to have plenty of spare time on your hands and be easily contactable.
• You will need a digital camera capable of taking high-quality pictures.
• A basic understanding of HTML is advantageous but not essential.
• Providing us with samples of any previous articles you’ve written would be helpful.
• And most importantly: You need to know what you’re talking about!

This role is ideally suited to someone who enjoys all aspects of the PC enthusiast scene, and is looking for something rewarding to do in their spare time.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, contact us now for further information.