Overclock3D teams up with SpecialTech


Computer retailer SpecialTech has recently formed a partnership with Overclock3D in an attempt to provide special promotions for OC3D members.

SpecialTech are also hoping to benefit from the partnership by feeding on the wealth of information available at the Overclock3D Forums and keep one step ahead of the competition on the latest hot hardware information.

In a recent forum post Mark Chappell (Director of SpecialTech) said:
” Why the team up with OC3D?
Why not? It’s the communities like this which, pardon the pun, have the finger on the pulse and from what I’ve read here are a friendly bunch. Of course we want something out of it like promotion, good word of mouth but its not all about shameless profiteering. after all we’re all pretty much geeks here. OC3d will be getting bits to review and special offer to forum members here, all we ask for is a bit of help now and again and feedback on our site if this makes sense.”

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