Overclock3D Welcomes TTL Customs

Overclock3D Welcomes “Time To Live” Custom PC Enclosure Designs & Builds.

By now I’m sure that many of you will be familiar with Tom Logan’s work on the custom PC enclosure scene. Tom’s current Hell Fire project has shown a depth of maturity and understanding about what works well in a custom PC enclosure, and it’s shaping up to be one hell of a build.

Time To Live (TTL) Custom PC Enclosure Designs and Builds is Tom’s new baby – a business built entirely upon the premise of providing custom high-end enclosures, built to exacting standards and an extremely high level of quality. Put literally, TTL are turning the humble chassis into an art form. But the service doesn’t stop there; TTL also provide a range of paints finishes and colours; water jet cutting; powder coating, and full system builds including water-cooling should you want it. No job is too large or too small.

Now here comes the exciting part – Time To Live Custom PC Enclosure Designs and Builds are becoming part of the Overclock3D family and will be part of our customer care forum. That’s right, as of today you will be able to order your own TTL custom PC enclosure or system build here at Overclock3D.

Here’s what Tom had to say about TTL’s inception at Overclock3D:

I’m really happy to be joining the OC3D forums and hope to bring you a lot of new ideas over the coming months. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best professionals in the field, which allows me to couple case design with the know-how to design PC’s that break the mould.

I’m all about honesty, integrity and a one-on-one service that leaves the customer extremely satisfied.

Should you need any further proof of Tom’s passion and flair, then you need only look at some of the images below:

Flame top Windmill top
Case Door
So without further delay let’s have a warm welcome for Tom Logan and TTL Custom PC Enclosure Designs and Builds. Feel free to say hello here

Should you wish to speak with Tom regarding any of the services he offers, then feel free to drop him a post in the forum