Search Goes “Kosher” with Koogle

Search Goes “Kosher” with Koogle
Koogle is a new "kosher" search engine for JewsIsrael now has a new “kosher” search engine – Koogle; the search engine’s algorithm has reportedly been specifically created to keep out all religiously objectionable material from appearing in search results. This is in line with the standards set by orthodox rabbis for Jews for surfing the internet.
Orthodox Israelis are barred by their ultra-orthodox rabbis from surfing the internet as the World Wide Web contains material that is sexually explicit. Jews are not supposed to check out items such as photographs of women and television sets as these are against the tenets of the Jewish religion.
To overcome this hurdle, Israeli internet firm Kuchi Internet Planning worked with rabbis to come up with a special solution that would allow orthodox Jews to surf the Web for vital services. The result is Koogle ( – a “kosher” search engine that reportedly ensures no religious tenets are violated.
Providing details about the new search engine, which derives its name from a Jewish noodle pudding and Google, site manager Yossi Altman said, “”This is a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet.”
The search engine links to Israeli news and shopping websites, but keeps religiously objectionable material out of the search results, he informed.
Another feature of the search engine is the blocking feature that comes into effect on the Jewish Sabbath. On this day, religious law prohibits devout Jews from conducting any sort of work or business. “If you try to buy something on the Sabbath, it gets stuck and won’t let you,” Altman added.
This makes Koogle, perhaps the world’s first religious search engine, and one that is “kosher” certified. Sounds like a must visit site for orthodox Jews!
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