STEAM Hacked, User Credit Cards May be at Risk

News Posted 19/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DailyTech

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VALVe is apparently being held to ransom, or more correctly their customers after sensitive information was taken right from under their noses.

VALVe’s STEAM content distribution system has been the target of no small share of bad press since it was created, with complaints ranging from apathetic customer service to the inability to play legitimately purchased games online. Some users have had their accounts locked, deleted, or hijacked – but a hacker known only as “MaddoxX” has just opened a rather sizeable can of worms.

According to a posting made on an anti-STEAM website , MaddoxX has bypassed VALVe’s security system and accessed a significant chunk of data, including:

  • Screenshots of internal VALVe web pages
  • A portion of VALVe’s Cafe directory
  • Error logs
  • Credit card information of customers
  • Financial information on VALVe

While only the Cafe owners appear to be in immediate danger, MaddoxX claims to “have shell access everywhere” and has posted a list of login details for accounts on the VALVe servers, and private certificates for “People with a little bit (sic) experience … create their own ‘fake’ but working cafe / certificate.”

Currently, news is sketchy on just how far reaching the credit card breach is. But users would do well to scrutinise their credit card statements for a period.

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