Windows 11 will soon feature an integrated RGB control software for your PC accessories

Windows 11 will soon feature an integrated RGB control software for your PC accessories

Finally, a standardized RGB control software for PC builders – Windows 11 will soon have RGB control software

RGB control software can be an incredibly annoying thing to deal with, especially if you are using accessories from multiple different manufacturers. Perhaps you have a Corsair iCUE fans inside your PC case, a Razer Synapse RGB keyboard, and a motherboard that has its lighting controlled by its own software. That’s three separate RGB packages on a single PC, each of which is sapping a little bit of your PCs resources. Thankfully, Microsoft has a plan to make RGB control a little easier, at least if your are using Windows 11.

Inside the 25295 preview build of Windows 11 is an RGB control solution that will likely be integrated into future retail versions of the OS. This feature promises universal RGB control, taking over the roles of multiple 3rd party RGB control solutions to give users a single app that can control their system’s lighting. 

In the screenshots from Albacore below, we can see that the software is controlling a unknown keyboard and mouse alongside an ASUS ROG Strix audio headset, and an Elgato Stream Deck MK.2. Hopefully this software will be able to control motherboards and GPU hardware in the future, as well as RGB fans and dedicated LED strips. 

A universal RGB control app would be a massive win for Windows 11, as it would allow many PC gamers to abandon multiple RGB apps in favour of Microsoft’s built-in solution. Yes, there will still be a place for dedicated RGB apps if they have unique features that users want to utilise, but for most PC users, simple RGB controls are more than good enough, and having all of your RGB devices in one place is a huge selling point.    

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