Xbox 360 Jasper Out In The Wild

Xbox 360 Jasper Out In The Wild

Microsoft’s refresh of the Xbox 360, codenamed Jasper, has finally been spotted in the wild.  Sporting a cooler-running 65nm CPU and GPU, Jasper is Microsoft’s hope for remedying the recurring “Red Ring of Death” issue with the console.

Xbox Scene forum member Moddage was one of the first to report receiving a Jasper console.  While he was not actually the first to report, he was the first to actually crack open the console and show off its guts.


For those wanting to check to make sure whether the console they have is a Jasper or not, the easiest way to tell is to look for any mention of a 12.1A amperage on the 12v rail in the power specification.


As with the previous revision changes, the Jasper console is able to use previous power cables while is the Jasper cable is incompatible with the previous consoles.

More pictures can be found here

Will the move to 65nm be enough to eliminate the RRoD issue with the Xbox 360?

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