FSP teases their ATX 3.1 Cannon Pro 2500W power supply with four 12V-2×6 outputs

FSP’s new Cannon Pro 2500W can power four ultra-high-end GPUs with its four 12V-2×6 outputs

FSP has revealed a new ultra-high-end power supply that features not two, not three, but four 12V-2×6 power connectors. The new 2500W Cannon Pro power supply is on the horizon, and it is ready to power multiple high-power GPUs or accelerators when it launches next year.

FSP’s new Cannon Pro 2500W is a new ATX 3.1 power supply unit. Being ATX 3.1, this new power supply features improvements from the latest ATX power supply standards. Amongst other things, this standard mandates the use of 12V-2×6 power connectors for PCIe Gen 5 power. 12V-2×6 effectively will replace 12VHPWR with ATX 3.1.

FSP’s new 2500W power supply is also 80+ Platinum rated, features 100% modular cabling, and features a single 12V rail design. This power supply is designed for monstrously powerful PCs with a large number of graphics cards, AI accelerators, or other PCIe devices.

What is 12V-2×6 – Is this a new name for 12VHPWR?

The 12VHWPR connector has a poor reputation. You only need to look into the reports of melted 12VHPWR connectors to know why. Nvidia and PCI-SIG have worked on a new power connector to replace 12VHPWR, one that is near identical, but avoids the issues presented by today’s 12VHPWR connectors. This connector is 12V-2×6.

Like 12VHPWR, 12V-2×6 can deliver up to 600 watts of power to connected devices. Unlike 12VHPWR, there is less risk of having a poor connection with 12V-2×6. This prevents the cable melting issues that some 12VHPWR users have faced. While manufacturers can blame 12VHPWR’s issues on “user error”, the fact that 12V-2×6 has addressed these concerns with minor design changes is telling. In essence, 12V-2×6 is 12VHPWR replacement that is safer to use.

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Expect to see the ATX 3.1 compliant Cannon PRO 2500W from FSP in 2024

FSP has confirmed that their new Cannon Pro 2500W power supply will be available sometime in 2024. This PSU should be able to power a system with four RTX 4090 graphics cards simultaneously. We expect to see several more ATX 3.1 PSUs at CES 2024 next month.

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