NZXT releases their C-Series of Bronze PSUs

NZXT releases their C-Series of Bronze PSUs

NZXT releases their C-Series of Bronze PSUs  

NZXT has expanded their PSU lineup with their new C-Series of 80 Plus Bronze rated power supplies, aiming to deliver “silent performance” with budget-friendly pricing. 

The C-series will be available with 550W, 650W and 750W models, with prices ranging from £64.99 to £74.99 in the UK. The availability of these units will start in Q4 2021. 

These PSUs will feature no CAM integration, no RGB lighting and no other thrills. These units are designed to be of relatively low cost and to feature NZXT branding. With NZXT making pre-built PCs, it makes sense for the company to make affordable PSUs that feature their logo.  

C Series Bronze Power Supply

The new C Series Bronze power supplies offer stable and safe power to all types of builds. The new lineup of Bronze PSUs generate less heat, keeping your system running quietly and efficiently. Their reliable components make up a unit that is backed by a 5-year warranty— the NZXT C Series Bronze PSUs are here to get your build powered up without letting you down.

–          80 Plus Bronze certified
–          Semi-modular design and durable sleeved main cables
–          Silent performance with reduced heat and fan RPM
–          5-year warranty

Available in 550w, 650w, and 750w options.

MSRP Pricing

– C550 Bronze: £64.99, $79.99
– C650 Bronze: £74.99, $89.99
– C750 Bronze: £84.99, $99.99


– USA: Q4 2021
– UK: Q4 2021

NZXT releases their C-Series of Bronze PSUsPoor Pricing

Earlier today, we released a review for Corsair’s new TX-M series power supplies, looking at their 80 Gold Rated TX650M model. This PSU costs £82.99 for its 650W model, £7 more than NZXT’s Bronze rated C650 Bronze. Corsair’s TX750M costs £92.99, which costs £7 more than NZXT’s C750 Bronze. 

With such a low price difference between these 80 Bronze and 80 Gold rated PSUs, anyone that is efficiency conscious would spend the extra £7 on the 80 Gold unit. As such, NZXT’s CX50 Bronze series of PSUs appear to be designed for a specific type of consumer. NZXT fans. 

You can join the discussion on NZXT’s new C-Series of 80 Bronze power supplies on the OC3D Forums. 
NZXT releases their C-Series of Bronze PSUs