Aspyr responds to disastrous Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launch

Star Wars Battlefront

Aspyr blames the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection’s disaster launch on critical networking issues

The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launched yesterday, and it was a disaster. There were too few servers to keep up with demand, and the players that did get online were met with bugs, high ping, and other issues. To say the least, things did not go well.

On their website, Aspyr has released an update on their game’s launch day issues. The company experienced “critical errors with [their] network infrastructure” at launch. This resulted in high ping, matchmaking issues, and servers not appearing within the game’s server browser.

Aspyr has confirmed that they are working to address these server issues, though they have not given an ETA for a fix.

We’d like to thank the Battlefront community for their overwhelming support and feedback for the STAR WARS Battlefront Classic Collection release.

At launch, we experienced critical errors with our network infrastructure. The result was incredibly high ping, matchmaking errors, crashes, and servers not appearing in the browser.

Since launch, we’ve been working to address these issues and increase network stability, and we will continue our efforts until our network infrastructure is stabilized to prevent further outages.

Another common complaint from players is the game’s storage requirements. With the collection weighing in at 70GB on PC, the collection is over five times the size as both original Battlefront games combined. This re-release contains little in the way of graphical improvements, giving the collection’s increased storage requirements little justification. Will Aspyr be able to lower the Battlefront Collection’s storage requirements?

You can join the discussion on the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection on the OC3D Forums.

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