Capcom addresses Monster Hunter Rise’s Steam Deck compatibility issues with new Hotfix

Monster Hunter Rise is playable on Steam Deck once again after a fresh hotfix

Earlier this week we reported on an update to Monster Hunter Rise that broke the game’s Steam Deck support. This update has removed Denuvo’s anti-tamper technology from from the game, but added a new form of DRM called Enigma. This new DRM is reportedly what preventing Rise from running on Valve’s gaming handheld.

Update prevented Monster Hunter Rise from booting on Steam Deck, and likely affected all PC gamers using Linux. Thankfully, Capcom has now addressed this issue with a new hotfix. However, the company has not confirmed what the root cause of the issue was, or how they addressed the problem.

Update – A hotfix has been released that addresses the issue of Monster Hunter Rise not running on Steam deck after updating to Ver.

We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience during this downtime and appreciate your patience whilst we applied a fix.

With Capcom failing to disclose what caused Rise’s Steam Deck compatibility issues, gamers have been left to assume that they were caused by their implementation of the Enigma DRM. Thankfully, Capcom have now addressed this bug to make Monster Hunter Rise playable once again on Valve’s handheld.

Capcom has revealed a weakness of Valve’s Steam Deck “Verified” program. Monster Hunter Rise was a “Verified” game, and a minor update for the title prevented the game from booting at all on Valve’s handheld. While Capcom has been quick to address this issue, other developers might not be so fast-acting. As such, Valve needs a to act quickly to removed “Verified” status from games where regressions like this occur. If nothing else, such actions would encourage PC game developers to address these kinds of regressions quickly, and may prevent them from happening at all.

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