CIG releases visually striking trailer for Squadron 42

CIG releases visually striking trailer for Squadron 42

CIG releases visually striking trailer for Squadron 42

As a Christmas day treat to backers, Cloud Imperium Games released a “special holiday gift” in the form of their Squadron 42: 2019 Visual Teaser, which showcases the visuals that will be present within Star Citizen’s singleplayer spinoff.

The trailer below showcases scenes within Squadron 42 in a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, showcasing space-based environments, alien ships, space stations and more. 

Star Citizen was initially due to release in 2014, after the game’s incredible Kickstarter success, earning several times the game’s funding target. This significantly expanded the game’s scope, a decision which eventually splitting Star Citizen and Squadron 42 into separate titles and caused both games to be delayed indefinitely.

At this time, Squadron 42 has no set release date, though the game is likely to officially release in 2021, if the game’s development continues on schedule.

So what do we know so far? It Squadron 42’s development roadmap us a lot of things, the first being that Squadron 42 will be made up of 28 chapters. It has been stressed that a chapter is not a single mission. Instead, chapters represent breaks in the story/script. The development team also stresses that their roadmap represents estimates for how long the game will take to complete, which means that the game could take longer than expected to develop.

Squadron 42 is due to release in beta in Q3 2020, but long-term backers know that they could expect further delays. 

So far, Star Citizen has been in development for seven years, having raised over $259 million from over 2.47 million backers. Even after seven years, it remains unknown when Star Citizen will be finished. 

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