Creative Assembly announces Total War Sagas

Creative Assembly announces Total War Sagas

Creative Assembly has revealed Total War Sagas


Total Wars games offer a huge scope, covering continents, spanning nations and showcases wars that are amongst the largest in PC gaming. 

With such a large scope, most Total War games focus on Historical Eras, like Rome, Medieval and Shogun, where campaigns can span decades and potentially hundreds of years. This will change with Total War Sagas, a new spin-off series from the main Total War line of gaming titles. 

Games under the Total War Sagas brand will focus on a specific historical event or character, something that has the potential for huge historical changes but lacks the grand scale of most Total War games. These events can be Civil Wars that are within a single nation, rather than inside a grand European or World map. 

Examples of games like this can already be found in the Total War series, like Shogun 2 Total War: Fall of the Samurai, which covered only a few months of history but provided an epic gaming experience. Another example of this can be found in the Peninsular War DLC for Napoleon Total War, which covered a smaller conflict within the Napoleonic Era. 

The first game in the Total War Sagas series will be based in a period that is after Rome II Total War and Total War Attila, though Creative Assembly has confirmed that they have a historical main series game in the works as well. 


Creative Assembly announces Total War Sagas

(The first Total War Sagas game will be a spiritual follow-up of Rome II and Attila Total War)


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