Crytek releases yet another Crysis teaser – Is a Crysis Remaster coming?

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Crytek releases yet another Crysis teaser – Is a Crysis Remaster coming?

Crytek is once again teasing a future Crysis game, once again adding Crysis footage to the end of their latest CryEngine video, this time, showcasing footage from the original Crysis. 

Now, a Crysis Remake/Remaster seems inevitable. EA has already confirmed that they are working on “exciting remasters of fan favourites“, and that these efforts included two new unannounced EA Partners titles coming from third-party developers”. Beyond that, Crytek has been teasing a return to the Crysis series since as early as August 2019, showcasing an iconic area from the original Crysis in its CryEngine 5.6 tech trailer.

When it comes to EA’s fan favourites, it’s hard to ignore the Crysis series. Even today some PC gamers say “but can it run Crysis” when people upgrade their systems.  Microsoft even delivered backwards compatibility support for the Xbox versions of Crysis, Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, highlighting how modern gamers still yearn for Crysis content. 

With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, there has never been a better time to remake or remaster Crysis. The Crysis series has always push graphical boundaries, and the release of new hardware will give Crytek a chance to bring systems to their knees once again. 

The video below highlights what has been achieved with CryEngine over the past decade, ending with the words “Never Stop Achieving”, followed by footage from Crysis.    

Crytek knows about the speculation regarding a Crysis remake/remaster, and knows that adding this footage to another video will add to the hype surrounding the rumours of a potential new Crysis game. There is no reason to add these hints unless they are teasing a future Crysis remake. If Crytek isn’t making a new Crysis, they are setting their fanbase up for a world of disappointment. 


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