Diablo IV is getting ray tracing support on PC this March

Nvidia reveals Diablo IV’s planned RTX features at CES 2024

Following their RTX 40 SUPER series GPU reveal, Nvidia has confirmed that Blizzard’s Diablo IV will be gaining support for ray tracing in the form of ray traced shadows and ray traced reflections as part of a future update.

Diablo IV’s ray tracing update will arrive in March 2024, significantly improving the game’s visuals on PC. These visual improvements will apply to all new and existing content for the game, and all of the game’s in-game cutscenes.

At launch, Diablo IV supported Nvidia’s DLSS Super Resolution, DLSS Frame Generation, Reflex, and DLAA technologies. With the addition of ray traced reflections, ray traced transparent reflections, and ray traced shadows, the battle for Sanctuary will look better than ever on PC. You can see impact of ray tracing in Diablo IV through the trailer below.

In March, all new and existing content will look even better thanks to the addition of 3 ray-traced effects. Armor, water, windows, and other suitably reflective surfaces will now feature accurate, realistic ray-traced reflections and ray-traced transparent reflections, making battles in Sanctuary even more spectacular. Additionally, the many shadows of Diablo IV will be enhanced with ray tracing, adding extra detail, depth and fidelity to all scenes.

At launch, Diablo IV ran well on PC. Simply put, a lot of PC gamers have the performance headroom for advanced graphical features like ray tracing. This is especially true for gamers who are willing to enable upscaling technologies like DLSS or FidelityFX Super Resolution in this game.

You can join the discussion on Diablo IV’s upcoming ray tracing update on the OC3D Forums.


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