DOOM The Dark Ages has been revealed

DOOM: The Dark Ages is coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation next year

Bethesda Softworks and id Software have officially revealed DOOM: The Dark Ages at today’s Xbox Games Showcase. The game will be coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, and will be available in 2025. Yes, DOOM isn’t becoming an Xbox exclusive series!

This new DOOM game will be a prequel to DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal. The game is said to be a “the epic cinematic origin story of the DOOM Slayer’s rage”, and based on the game’s trailer, the game will be stunning.

Unlike DOOM Eternal, id Software’s next game will not be coming to last-generation console platforms. This means that the game will be able to take advantage of the latest console and PC hardware. On day-1, the game will be available to purchase standalone and will be available through Game Pass on PC and Xbox.

Slayers will be able to battle demons on the ground and take command of colossal Atlan war machines and a flying Mecha Dragon. The Dark Ages is full of overwhelming firepower!

Announcing DOOM: The Dark Ages, the prequel to the critically acclaimed DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal, and the third installment of the modern DOOM series. Developed by id Software on the latest idTech engine, DOOM: The Dark Ages is a single-player action FPS that tells the epic cinematic origin story of the DOOM Slayer’s rage.

You are the DOOM Slayer, the legendary demon-killing warrior and the super weapon in this never-before-seen dark and sinister medieval war against Hell.

On PC, Bethesda’s new DOOM game will be available through the Microsoft Store, PC Game Pass, and Steam.

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