EA Hints at “exciting remasters of fan favourites” – Reignites Crysis Remake Hopes

EA Hints at

EA Hints at “exciting remasters of fan favourites” – Reignites Crysis Remake Hopes

Back in August, we brought to light a teaser that was included as part of Crytek’s CryEngine 5.6 trailer, a teaser which showcased a rendering of what looked like the first level of Crysis and included parts of Crysis’ original soundtrack. This teaser sparked hopes that a Crysis remake was in the works. 

Now, more evidence of a potential Crysis Remake has emerged, with EA’s latest earnings call (as transcripted by Seeking Alpha) revealing that the company has plans to launch several “exciting remasters of fan favourites” in their 2021 fiscal year. This collection of Remasters will include Command and Conquer and other unannounced titles. Electronic Arts also revealed that “two new unannounced EA Partners titles coming from third-party developers”. 

When it comes to fan favourites, it is hard to ignore the Crysis series, which was created by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. Both companies need to work together to revive the series, and with the next-generation of consoles on the horizon, it has never been a better time to revive this PC gaming classic.

Crysis was always well known for its cutting-edge visuals and its ability to bring PC hardware to its knees. This makes the series ideal for a modern-day remake, especially when there’s next-generation hardware on the cards. Console makers need a graphical showcase to encourage hardware adoption, and Crysis has always been a series that’s famed for its graphical prowess. 

Below is Crytek’s Crysis teaser. Note the trailer’s use of a Nanosuit-like CryEngine voice at the end. 

While this is far from confirmation of a Crysis Remake, we think that EA and Crytek would be foolish to not explore this possibility. 

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