Epic Games investigates alleged hack by Ransomware Group

Epic claims that there is “currently zero evidence” that they were hacked

A ransomware group called Mogilevich has claimed that they have successfully hacked Epic Games, stating that they have stolen around 200GB of data. This data allegedly includes emails, passwords, full names for users, payment information, source code and more. If this hack is real, it will be hugely damaging to Epic Games.

Epic Games has responded to these allegations and has confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the hack. At the time of writing, Epic Games has stated that their is “zero evidence” that a hack has taken place. Furthermore, Epic Games claims that they have not been contacted by the ransomware group. Epic Games has now contacted the ransomware group seeking evidence, and they have not responded so far.

Mogilevich is a relatively new ransomware group, which means that they do not have a strong reputation. Their lack of contact with Epic Games could signify that their claims are baseless. After all, your victim needs to know about the hack if you want to hold their data to ransom. This makes it likely that this alleged Epic Games hacking is fake.

Is this hack is real, we can expect Epic to make a statement on the matter soon. So far, it looks like this alleged hacking is fake. Even so, concerned Epic Games users may want to change their account passwords as a precautionary measure.

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