Fake NES Mini console are appearing online

Fake NES Mini console are appearing online

Fake NES Mini consoles are now appearing for sale  

Everyone who is a fan of Nintendo’s Mini NES knows that the company failed to produce the console in adequate quantity, with stores selling out almost immediately after stock became available. This did prompt Nintendo to produce more units, but even then Nintendo unable to keep up with the huge demand for the retro console. 

Today Mini NES consoles are only available second hand, with prices that are well over Nintendo’s £49.99 MSRP for the device, often reaching as high as £150. This has presented the opportunity for forgeries of this highly sought after console to be produced by 3rd parties.   

Now fake Nintendo NES Mini console have been found in various locations online, which units that will look and seem legitimate to the untrained eye. One way of spotting the fake unit is that colour of the unit looks washed out, but otherwise, these units offer a sturdy design and emulation software that offers a reasonable approximation of the real thing.   


Fake NES Mini console are appearing online


One other way of differentiating between real and fake versions of the console is to look at the console’s start screen, where the fake unit uses different colours than the real Nintendo NES classic. 

Fake NES Mini console are appearing online Fake NES Mini console are appearing online

(Fake Unit (Left), Real Unit (Right))  


Right now there are also listings online for modded NES Classic consoles, which are legitimate units that have been modified to include additional game software. 

It looks like Nintendo will not be releasing a new version of their NES Mini, with their upcoming SNES Mini being set to hit store shelves in September. 


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