Fan created Mega Maker Megaman level editor will release on Friday

Fan created Mega Maker Megaman level editor will release on Friday

Mega Maker, the Megaman level editor, will release this Friday

While most of the older Megaman games have made it to PC via the Megaman Legacy Collection and its incoming sequel, fans of the series yearn for something that is a little different, drawing them to fan creations and custom version of each game with new maps and other features. 
Mega Maker is a fan-created app that is designed to allow fans of the Megaman series to create and share their own custom levels. The latest beta version of the game come with 46 enemy types, 29 level blocks, 12 bosses, 24 special weapons, 40 backgrounds, 129 tilesets and 63 music tracks to choose from, allowing Megaman fans to create a lot of interesting new designs. 
As a fan creation and not an official Capcom release, this game is a non-profit, with all funding that goes to the game’s Patreon being pushed towards server costs for the game’s online, level sharing, component. 

Because this is a freeware game, we are developing this in our free time with no budget at all. Unfortunately, in order to make online level sharing possible, we need to host and maintain a server. While the server itself is relatively small, we are sadly unable to pay for all costs on our own. If you want to help keep the server alive, please consider donating to WreckingPrograms’ Patreon page. Any donation, no matter how small, would help us out a bunch! All donations will go directly to server fees, and we will not be paying ourselves for developing this game, nor will we make a profit from it.



This game is set to release this Friday, coming with some curated fan-designed levels at launch and a seemingly infinite number of custom levels after more creators get their hands on this editor. 

More information on Mega Maker can be found on the project’s official website. 


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