Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail benchmark is now available on PC

Final Fantasy XIV now has a new PC benchmark, and it supports both DLSS and FSR

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion is coming, and with it will come enhanced visuals on both PC and consoles. Gamers can expect improved material quality, enhanced texture/shadow resolution, and enhancements to characters, backgrounds, and other visual elements. With these changes, Final Fantasy XIV will have a different performance profile on PC, which is why Square Enix has now released a new PC benchmark for the game.

Alongside improved visuals, Final Fantasy XIV’s new benchmark showcases some of the new features that are available in the MMO. This includes support for Nvidia DLSS 2 and AMD FSR 1.0. PC gamers can also build characters within this new benchmark tool, allowing PC gamers to create and save new characters that they can use when Dawntrail launches this July.

After players run this new benchmark for Dawntrail, gamers will receive a score that will allow them to judge whether or not their PC is ready for the new expansion. If you can run this test at maximum settings and get a score of over 15,000, you will be able to run the game with no issues when it releases. If your score is lower, you may need to lower this game’s graphical settings.

Square Enix recommends a minimum of an AMD RX 480 or Nvidia GTX 970 to run Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail. The game’s recommended GPUs are Nvidia’s RTX 2050 and AMD’s Radeon RX 5600 XT. All of these GPUs are low-end b today’s standards, which makes sense given the age of this MMO. Even with its graphical improvements, this game will be easy to run on PC. That said, gamers targeting higher framerates and resolutions will need stronger systems.

PC gamers can download Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail benchmark here.

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