Firefox 3.5 to Feature New Logo

Firefox 3.5 to Feature New Logo
Coinciding with the release of the new Shiretoko (Firefox 3.5) browser, the Mozilla team have made plans to give the little fox a bit of a makeover, adding more definition to the fur and a tweak to the bushy tail that wraps around the globe. Below is the previous logos and the proposed logo, which hopes to make its way onto a browser near you.
 Firefox logos
Whether many people notice the difference or not is another matter. I for one didn’t notice the change from the first logo to the second, however this time round the differences aren’t so subtle. A second draft has also been released adding more definition to the flames, less fur, a slightly brighter tone and the globe has also received a more substantial change than previous updates.
The Mozilla team are taking all feedback from users onboard and intend to release sequential updates accordingly with the intention of releasing new iterations every 24 hours.
Does the new logo take a step in the right direction, or is it one step too far for Mozilla? Discuss in our Forums.