Fortnite’s patch v.2.5.0 optimises the game for low-end systems

Fortnite's patch v.2.5.0 optimises the game for low-end systems

Fortnite’s patch v.2.5.0 optimises the game for low-end systems

Fortnite’s Valentine’s patch is now live, bringing a new weapon called the Impulse Grenade to the game’s free Battle Royale mode as well as new Lunar New Year-themed items, weapon skins and characters. 

Looking deeper into these patch notes, it is clear that Epic Games are optimising Fortnite for low-end hardware. Changes have come to Fortnite, including to player animations, the removal of certain in-game hitches and stutters and level streaming improvements.

Other changes have been brought directly into the title’s Low and medium settings, with optimisations to low setting dust clouds and shields and other tweaks to settings that target medium and low specifications. These changes are likely to be aimed at enticing more gamers into joining the Fortnite playerbase, especially when given the fact that their major competitor PUBG is notoriously difficult to run on low-end hardware. 


– Optimized performance of player animations to improve overall frame rate.

– Optimized dust cloud and shield effects on low settings for better performance.

– Eliminated various hitches caused by certain skins and items being loaded at unexpected times.

– Character models, weapons and environment assets now utilize a Level of Detail system to improve performance.

– Improved smoothness of level streaming by loading content on a background thread.

– Major tweaks to FX settings, targeting Medium to Low specifications.

On console platforms Fortnite has also been updated to include dynamic resolutions and temporal upsampling to both PS4 and Xbox One, allowing graphical fidelity to be increased when under low loads and for performance to be increased in more demanding scenes. This update also adds a new 4K mode to Xbox One X.  

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