Get ready to binge! All episodes of Amazon’s Fallout series will be available on day-1

Amazon’s Fallout series has a new trailer, and it looks great!

Shows tend to release one of two ways on streaming services. It’s typically all at once, or one episode per week. Today, Amazon has released a new trailer for their Fallout series, confirming that all episodes of the series will be available to stream on day-1 on April 11th. That means that we will all be able to binge the series on day-1, should we want to.

In total, the series is set to have an eight episode season. The series takes place within the official Fallout game canon, and 200 years after the “Great War”. During this war, the world’s devastated by nuclear blasts. This turned much of the surface world into batten wastelands. The series prominently features Vault 33. This is one of the large nuclear bunker complexes that protected citizens from the immediate aftermath of the universe’s nuclear Armageddon.

Amazon’s Fallout TV series will be based in a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles. Leading the creation of the TV series are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. This duo formerly worked on the hit TV series Westworld.

In the trailer above, we get to see Vault 33, the power-armoured soldiers of the Brotherhood of Steel, and “The Ghoul” who appears to be a sheriff-style character in the wasteland. In the trailer, we get to see many factions do battle, and see exactly how dangerous the wasteland can be.

All episodes of Amazon’s Fallout series will be available to stream on day-1 on April 11th.

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