Halo Infinte Rumoured to Target Holiday 2020 Release

Microsoft reveals Halo Infinite and 343's Slipspace Engine

Halo Infinte Rumoured to Target Holiday 2020 Release

Rumour has it that Microsoft plans to reveal a lot of information about Halo Infinite, including the game’s Holiday 2020 release target. Halo Infinite is designed to be a cross-generational title, launching on PC, Xbox One and on Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console simultaneously, making the game playable for users of current-generation and next-generation hardware. 

At E3 2019, Microsoft will release a new trailer for Halo Infinite and detail how the game will play, though, given its late 2020 release target, the game E3 showcase is likely to be short and sweet. 

A NeoGAF user called Braldryr has also reported that Microsoft also plans to detail their next-generation Xbox console at E3, providing consumers with a specs list that’s similar to their Project Scorpio reveal. Baseline specifications which include GPU TFLOPS, RAM capacity/bandwidth and CPU/SSD speeds are likely to be revealed, alongside hardware support for Ray Tracing. Remember that Microsoft literally created the DXR (DirectX Raytracing) API for PC, a fact that makes ray tracing support, pretty much, a guarantee on the company’s next-generation console hardware.  


Halo Infinite is already known to be an Xbox One/PC title, making a “next-generation” version of the game seems like a logical move for the publisher. Xbox needs new games to entice their fanbase onto their next hardware platforms, and offering cross-generational compatibility a logical step towards retaining an expending their playerbase. I’d guess that some of Xbox One’s more popular titles will be updated with next-generation Xbox support, perhaps offering players higher framerates and improved visuals. Updating the Xbox One X version of Forza Horizon 4 to run at 4K 60 FPS (instead of 4K 30FPS) and other similar moves seems like a logical move. 

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