Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ beta is now available to everyone

Hearthstone Battlegrounds' beta is now available to everyone

Hearthstone Battlegrounds’ beta is now available to everyone

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is now available to all Hearthstone players, which means that the new game mode will no longer be available exclusively to those who pre-order Hearthstone’s next expansion, Descent of Dragons. 

Battlegrounds is a new Hearthstone mode which acts as an alternative to auto-battler games such as DOTA Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Players must choose a hero, build a board of units and then battle against other players. Battles are automatic, so players must assemble the best board they can to ensure victory. 

At the time of writing, Hearthstone Battlegrounds is completely free to play, requiring no in-game purchases while lacking any form of microtransactions. It’s a free as anything gets these days, though it is worth noting that the game mode is still in beta, and may be somewhat imbalanced. 

Right now, Battlegrounds pits each player against seven other opponents, though Blizzard has stated that the game is designed to scale to higher player counts if required. If players want longer games player counts of 12, 14 or even 20 could be possible. 

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is available now from within Hearthstone on all compatible platforms, PC, Android and iOS. 


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