Helldivers 2’s latest patch reduces crashes and stability issues

Helldivers 2’s latest patch boosts game stability and preps for planned matchmaking improvements

Arrowhead Game Studios has released a new update for Helldivers 2 that increased the game’s stability on PC. If you play the game, you will know that this title is prone to crashing. Thankfully, today’s update has addressed many causes of game crashes, and disconnection issues.

With today’s update, Arrowhead has prepared for upcoming changes to Helldiver’s servers that will improve matchmaking. This will allow gamers to spend more time in matches and less time waiting.

Helldivers 2 has proven to be a huge success for Sony. On Steam, the game has become PlayStation PC’s most popular game launch to date. The game has already hit a peak concurrent player count of over 200,000, making it one of Steam’s top ten most played games.

Helldivers 2 is a squad-based third person shooter where players fight against the threats of a hostile galaxy. In many ways, the game feels Starship Troopers-like in theme, with alien bugs being the game’s primary antagonists.

Thanks to frequent updates, the games’ review rating on Steam has quickly moved from “Mixed” to “Mostly Positive”. Unlike most modern PC games, Helldivers 2 lacks support for DLSS, FSR, or XeSS upscaling.

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Patch 01.000.006

Good day Helldivers!

Fresh patch notes coming your way to optimize your liberation efforts

For this patch, we have focused on the following areas:

  • Improved general game stability
  • Prepared build for upcoming server matchmaking improvements.
  • Resolving connectivity and disconnect issues.


  • Fixed crash when application was closed shortly after start
  • Game no longer crashes during extraction cutscene.
  • User profile with too many friends no longer causes crash.
  • Fixed crash when using text-to-speech during extraction cutscene
  • Game no longer crashes when users disconnect during the joining cutscene.
  • Operation Status in Mission Summary no longer causes crash.
  • Fixed crashes caused by leftover visual effects from disconnected players.
  • Game no longer crashes when using ADS.
  • Repaired instability in game data packing that caused increased patch sizes.
  • Improved backend connectivity, reduces likelihood of disconnecting in missions.
  • Improved matchmaking experience and likelihood of success.
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