Lamptron caught selling counterfeit AIDA64 software keys with their products

YouTuber uncovers Laptron’s shady business practices

As part of his newest YouTube video, the renowned overclocker der8auer has uncovered a problem with Lamptron’s popular hardware monitors. In short, Lamptron has been caught selling fake/illegal AIDA64 keys with their products, something which the software’s creators at FinalWire Ltd has confirmed. Below is what FinalWire Ltd had to say to der8auer about Laptron’s use of fake AIDA64 product keys.

We understand your concerns regarding the “FREE VERSION” liscense included with the cooler. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered instances of Lamptron bundling invalid AIDA64 licenses with their products.

When we became aware of this, we immediately contacted Lamptron and requested that they cease this practice.

Although they registereed as a reseller two years ago and placed a single order for AIDA64 Extreme, it’s unclear if they ever bundles valid licenses with their devices.

der8auer and FinalWire Ltd suspects that Lamptron are using a key generator to generate fake AIDA64 product keys. These keys can be used to validate specific versions of AIDA64, but will be invalidated when the software is updated. Meanwhile, Lamptron claims that their product keys are a “free version and does not support online upgrades”. This is untrue, as FinalWire Ltd has stated that the company has only ever made a single order for AIDA64 Extreme.

Unfortunately, none of the product keys you shared are valid in our system. This strongly suggests they were generated illegally using a tool like keyGen,

– Statement from FireWire Ltd

der8auer has stated that he has been in contact with several retailers in Europe. Many of these retailers have already stopped selling Laptron’s products from sale, and are considering legal action against the company.

Give these revelations, we recommend that PC enthusiasts avoid Lamptron’s products. Other hardware options are available if you want an AIDA64 display. Legitimate AIDA64 software keys are available from the official AIDA64 website.

You can join the discussion on Lamptron selling products with fake AIDA64 software keys on the OC3D Forums.

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