Men of War: Red Tide in the Works

Men of War: Red Tide in the Works
Men of War: Red Tide will bring 20 new missions to the gameWorld War II strategy game Men of War will soon be getting a standalone expansion pack; 1C Company today announced that several missions will be part of the upgrade, which has been dubbed Men of War: Red Tide.
Men of War has a huge fan following among strategy game lovers on account of its game-play depth and vast playing environs. Featuring missions from WW-II, the game allows players to actually experience and indulge in war strategy-making. The announced new expansion will bring additions to the game, but in a stand-alone format that does not require the original game. In that sense, the expansion will be an entirely new episode.
Red Tide brings the feared Soviet Marine Black Coats to Men of War, with players getting a chance to control this unit. The 20 plus missions put direct control of units in the hands of players with the option of taking command of any of a selection of units and vehicles. These include landing crafts, armoured trains, hydroplanes, bombers, and a range of naval crafts.
As the Black Coats specialised in coastline missions, Red Tide is based around the Black Sea campaigns of World War II. Odessa, Sevastopol, Theodosia, Eltingen, Nikolaev, and Constanta and other theatres will all be part of the expansion, which is story-driven. Aspyr Media will be publishing the stand-alone Red Tide expansion later in the year, with the release becoming available in stores and digitally.
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