Microsoft teases DirectSR Super Resolution tech reveal at GDC 2024

DirectSR appears to be Microsoft’s answer to Super Resolution technologies like DLSS, FSR, and XeSS

At GDC 2024, Microsoft appears to be planning to reveal their own Super Resolution technology called DirectSR. This reveal will come during Microsoft’s DirectX “State of the Union” event, which will be hosted on March 21st.

Currently, little is known about Microsoft’s DirectSR technology. Microsoft has previously talked about DirectML based game upscaling. So far the company has not utilised this technology in any of their games. Are Microsoft finally releasing their AI upscaler? Is this DirectX Super Resolution technology something different?

Microsoft has stated that DirectSR will make it “easier than ever for game devs to scale super resolution support across Windows devices”. This suggests that Microsoft’s Super Resolution technology is designed to work on all modern Windows devices. This means that it should work on all modern GPUs, likely including the integrated graphics solution of ARM processors (remember, Windows on ARM is a thing).

Microsoft’s new Super Resolution technology could also be a big deal for Xbox. If Microsoft can deliver similar levels of image quality as Nvidia’s DLSS tech, Microsoft could use their upscaler to make their future console games look better.

Microsoft has been teasing DirectML Super Resolution since 2018 – Is this DirectSR?

Microsoft has been working in Super Resolution technologies for a long time. At SIGGRAPH 2018, Microsoft hosted a talk called “Deep Learning for Real-Time Rendering: Accelerating GPU Inferencing with DirectML and DirectX 12”. Here, Microsoft used DirectML to upscale PlayGround Games’ Forza Horizon 3 from 1080p to 4K. You can see the results of this upscale below.

(A 4x DirectML Upscale on Forza Horizon 3 – Image from SIGGRAPH 2018)

Microsoft’s DirectSR technology has the potential to be game-changing for future DirectX games. That said, we have not seen the Microsoft’s Super Resolution technology in action yet. Will Microsoft’ tech deliver comparable results to DLSS? I guess we will have to wait and see.

You can join the discussion on Microsoft’s DirectSR technology on the OC3D Forums.

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