Microsoft issue MP3 hotfix for Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7 Beta MP3 Hotfix now available
Windows 7 Beta MP3 hotfix available
Windows 7 Beta is proving to be a success in the amount of interest it has garnered so far. As it is a Beta, there are known issues with the operating system, and one of these to be identified by Microsoft is a bug related to Windows Media Centre and possible MP3 corruption. The media player is automatically set to add missing metadata to MP3 files, which could result in corruption of these files. It could also result in losing the first few seconds of the audio.
The problem was noted in the release notes of the Beta, but Microsoft have now issued a hotfix to rectify this problem. There are two versions available, for both 32bit and the 64bit versions of Windows 7 Beta. The hotfix can be downloaded as a standalone installer, or through Windows Update.

For more information, you can visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, where you will also find the relevant download links.

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