Microsoft Patent Reveals Future Multi-Component Gaming System

News Posted 24/04/07
Author: PV5150
Source: DailyTech

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According to our online source Microsoft’s next games machine may be multi-faceted with console and handheld interdependence. Microsoft has filed an application for patent with the US patent office which may reveal what its intentions are for its next-gen console.

The patent describes a multi-component gaming system that incorporates both handheld devices and console devices by wired and wireless connections. The patent’s abstract describes the system as a process “to take advantage of another gaming component’s processing capabilities and memory capacity, each gaming component is capable of utilizing another gaming component to process gaming applications.”

With Microsoft’s ever expanding reach into consumer electronics and software to power them, the company’s next goal may be to have a wide array of devices work together to perform a single goal – and if this patent application is of any indication, video games could where we may first see it. For example, Microsoft’s multi-component game system could incorporate PDA or other mobile devices running Windows Mobile as a communication tool, or simply as a secondary mini-display. The Zune could be a source for video game custom soundtracks, or as another small screen. Perhaps where the most potential will be, however, is in a relationship with the PC. With the proposed system’s ability to band together processing capability and memory capacity, Microsoft’s next-generation console could be one with true hardware evolution possibilities.

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It’s no secret that Microsoft are currently working on the eventual successor to the XBOX 360 , but is this the evolution of the gaming console that you’d envisaged?

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